Monday, September 1, 2014

Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Hear Ye!!

This is it, folks. I've been promising announcements, so here they are.  It's almost the best time of the year--October! To be fair, October is only the start of the best time of year, but of all the best, it is the bestest.

In October, also known as Birthday (or Cake) Season, my family celebrates 4 birthdays in 8 days.  Of course, I started the trend by being born in October first and choosing the best day on which to be born, so I can see why everyone else wanted to follow, but this is starting to get a teeny bit ridiculous.

Like this pizza burger. Wait, did I mean ridiculous or delicious?
Then, of course, there is Halloween; the first of 4 holidays where the main purpose is to consume as much sugar and alcohol as physically possibly (that is the main purpose of Christmas, right?), which just happens to be my two favorite activities.

Not vomiting is my third favorite.

As if that's not enough to be excited about, this year three more awesome things are happening in October. First, my story Creeper is going multimedia thanks to Chilling Tales for Dark Nights and premiers in, you've guessed it, October! October 4th to be exact, or tentatively at least.

Secondly, my best friend's master program's graduation ceremony is on the 15th. The celebration will be immense.

My BFF4L and me at our last graduation party, the soberest we'd looked all night.
The non-stop partying will be so immense, our usual video chat won't be able to handle it, so we're bringing it f2f irl (I don't even know if this is chat lingo anymore). Which brings me to the third awesome thing -- I'm going to England!
Actually I'm going to England in a few weeks, so really October is starting early.

I don't know if a whole country is enough to handle this.

This October will be the most Octoberiest October ever! And what does it all mean for you, my loyal readers? Lots of writing and cultural updates, tons of travel and party photos, and constant birthday and 'go watch my story' reminders. In general, it's gonna be a pretty busy month.

Looking further ahead, November is pretty packed too, what with NaNoWriMo, Thanksgiving, and Xmas prep. I'll be basically non-stop until 2015, so join in and follow me on Twitter, Facebook, or, if you NaNo too, be my Writing Buddy.

Keep doing what you do!
xx Stevie xx