Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Camp NaNo, Day 7

I'm still struggling with getting the words out but at least I know where I'm going now and I feel good about it. Even if the writing is crap.

See Day 1

The Horrorphiles, continued

The creaking door was like nothing she’d ever heard outside of a horror movie sound effects tract. The man behind the door was surprisingly young, dark haired, and handsome, in very classic way or at least he had that air about him, probably because of the suit. Overall, she couldn’t tell because he was nothing like she’d imagined. She thought Mr. Peabody would be old, bony, tall but stooped. She couldn’t make this young man watching her with interested eyes and a small, polite smile make sense in the current context but she had to say something soon before the silence become uncomfortably awkward.
“Good afternoon, Mr. Peabody.” She couldn’t remember ever saying Good afternoon to anyone in her life. Hello maybe, how are you, good morning and good night likely, but not good afternoon.  A humidity she hadn’t noticed before was stifling now, the wind dropped away and a stillness smothered her. She was sweaty and cold, heavy and lightheaded all at the same time. Vanessa Carlisle was going to faint.
“I’m sorry, Miss. I’m Adam Newbridge, Peabody by blood, butler by vocation.”
She wanted to laugh but when her mouth opened a hiccup came out instead and her knees gave out. She half caught herself on the door frame and Adam caught the other half of her.
“Are you alright, Miss Carlisle?”
“What?” It was still too hot and things still weren’t making sense somehow.
“You are Miss Vanessa Carlisle, right? My cousin, Mr. Peabody, is expecting you, I believe, with the Horrorphiles. Miss Carlisle?”
Then, as if a switch had been flipped, everything was as it was. The wind blew violent and jagged as if it couldn’t make it’s mind wear to go but it wanted to get there quick. The grey clouds still blocked out the sun and it was neither hot nor humid.  And she of course felt very silly, burning embarrasment reddening her arms and face.
“Yes, yes, of course. I’m sorry, I think I just turned my ankle in the drive, or it was a long car drive and I haven’t gotten my sea legs yet.” She shook her head because she was saying loads of stupid things. “I’m sorry,” she said again as she righted herself with Adam’s help. “Mr. Peabody, um, your, um cousin, didn’t mention anyone else, I thought I would be meeting him.”
She stopped just short of saying that she thought for just a minute, that she was meeting a real life Dorian Grey or Lestat because finally some rationale was kicking in.

“That’s quite all right. You see, social engagements and the like somewhat exhaust my cousin. He’s saving his strength for the event itself, I’ve been doing the planning and emailing for him, as I often do. Please come in, let’s put your mind at ease about the condition of the house. But maybe, a cup of tea first? Let’s find those sea legs, shall we?”