Wednesday, July 15, 2015

I'm not giving up (I'm just burning out)

More or less. Only in terms of NaNoWriMo and related events.

Every new writing project I start falls apart about 1k words in. I'm stuck thinking about and working on old things. It's like I have no new stories to tell, yet I can't fully embrace or let go of these old ones. They are these mini worlds I keep locked away in mental tubberware on a bookcase in my brain. I take them out every once in a while, tinker on them a bit, entertain myself with them, then lock them up tight and shelve them again.

I always mean to finish them. I want to finish them. But sometimes I just want something fresh and new to work on, be creative again, not just putting form to something I already created in my mind. I start off thinking it'll be fun. I get excited. I make plans and plots, characters and motivation. I commit to a NaNoWriMo or two. Then nothing or next to nothing.

Sometimes these stories get put in a queue. I have two series waiting on a high shelf, just out of reach. But I can't work on them, I can't write new material. I just imagine the characters, the worlds in tubberware waiting until I've finished the rest, the old stuff. Maybe I've just run out of shelf space. Nothing else will fit, not even in the queue.

I just want to write and get it out there. But everything is so long and takes even longer to write. That's why I especially wanted to build this short story collection. Get something fast out. Feel good about publishing on my blog. I suppose I could do the same for my novels, just post what I write each day, but I'm more protective of that material. Convinced someone will steal my plot, characters, or voice and kill the hard work I've already put into it. But maybe I will do that anyway. I don't know. What I do know is that I won't be doing Camp NaNoWriMo (or NaNoWriMo) anymore, I will be writing still, and maybe there is still room in the queue for Horrophiles, cause I just love the idea for it but I might need to think on it more, and somewhere in between, I'll figure out something to post on this blog.