Friday, July 17, 2015

What I Am Working On

So, yesterday's blog was posted a little after the fact. I actually wrote that in my journal a few days beforehand and had moved on to an old project already. Today, I wanted to make it clear that I don't have writer's block or anything else preventing me from writing. I was working steadily on this project I'm talking about today up until I decided to start something new for Camp NaNoWriMo and I've easily restarted it with no problems. I just couldn't write Horrophiles. I still can't explain why this is how it is, it just is.

Anyway, this thing I'm writing is going well, except I don't know if it's a novel, novella, or short story, which is why I'm calling it a thing. The working title is PB+J, because I thought it was a cute title and I wanted to see if I could build a story around it. I did.

At the heart, it's the story of three best friends: Pete, Bobby, and Jan. As kids they were inseparable, as adults they are a train-wreck and on the cusp of separating forever. Originally intended to be a part of collection focused on asking questions about sex and love, I became enthralled with the small town in which the story takes place and I'm considering creating a different collection of stories that take place there. But, first, I want to finish the first draft of PB+J.

Overall, I'm happy with where this story is going and the speed at which it's going but it wasn't always like this. I got stuck for a number of years and only started writing it again recently. Now I'm so deep in it, I don't even think about anything else (which could be the reason Horrorphiles derailed, it's just bad timing). And my playlists and inspiration boards keep me focused, just in case.

Usually, Spotify and Pinterest are time sucks. I spend hours there making boards and playlist while avoiding actual work. Yet sometimes, at least when it comes to writing, Pinterest and Spotify can be tools too.

Images for PB+J [found on Pinterest]

The apple orchards, now abandoned
Bobby and Pete, at least in fantasy
Jan and her bike

There are many more inspirational and pertinent images and quotes on the actual board but these three encapsulate some of the most important aspects of the story. If a picture is worth a thousand words, even accounting for duplicate or receptive images, I have at least 30,000 words waiting to be converted from my Pinterest board.

Songs for PB+J [found on Spotify]

I have found that when I have trouble getting into the mood or atmosphere of a certain story, having a playlist really helps me get there. It's like an instant drop into the mind of my characters, their motivation, and the direction of my story. Even I thought I was suck before, a well made playlist can grease the wheels and get them going again.

I have similar boards and playlists for all my stories, so be sure to check out my Pinterest and Spotify profiles. I even tried for Horrorphiles but it turned out I had no concrete ideas or themes to search for.  And I sure as hell wasn't going to spin my wheels when there was other writing to be done. Horrorphiles is dead, long live Horrorphiles. PB+J is next in line to rule my pen. What's on your plate?