Friday, October 2, 2015

Art Fart Friday, Post 1: Ooops! I Arted...also post 1

Hello and Howdy good folks! Welcome to the first post of two different new series! First is Art Fart Fridays, where I will talk about different arts and craft projects, tips and whatnot. After all, this one blog is suppose to combine all my previous ones and my craft blog had the most posts, so it's time I got around to talking about all that again. The second series, Ooops! I Arted, specifically features art journaling pages I've done that takes an old sketch or doodle and turns it into. . . I don't know something better. Let me explain.

In my Layers post, I mentioned I like mixed media and art journaling and I shared a picture of a cover I'd created for a new journal. In truth, that sketchbook is one I've written and sketched in before but I'm trying to use up the supplies I already have instead of buying new *quickly hides $20 Jo-Ann receipt from last night*. . . Anyway, after pinning so many beautiful journals pages and collages, I was getting real annoyed that my newly decorated journal was only pencil sketches and chicken scratch. So, I watched a ton of YouTube videos and got down to some real arting by essentially upcycling my old art into something pretty and new. So, that's what Ooops! I Arted is about, those types of pages and or projects, depending on how long I think the moniker fits. So, let's get to the art!

Unfortunately, I don't have the original picture of this piece, because I didn't think of doing a series until two updated pages later. However, I do have a picture of another page that shows the general pencil gray, lackluster sketches I usually draw.

Dreary, grey, dead, boring, and crappy meet happy, shiny, colorful, and funny.

I drew this when I was going through a Wipeout phase. It might be more accurate to say tvwas going through a Wipeout phase. At the time Wipeout reruns came on TruTv, TBS, and maybe even TNT. Then new episodes aired on ABC like two nights a week in two or three hour blocks. I honestly don't know if the show is even on air anymore but at the time I enjoyed it, for awhile.

Anyway, I love the hosts sign off "Goodnight and Big Red Balls" mostly because I have a thing for balls.  Literally, the word balls. It just might be the most hilarious word ever. It's dirty pun in a single word. And you might think it's some immature hanger on from a time when other words like "underwear" or "do it" were hilarious to everyone of a certain age . . . but it's not. It maybe started in high school but it definitely took off after I heard AC/DC's "Big Balls" for the first time.

Sorry, that's the best I can find for a video!

And it escalated exponentially in college.

I was given a tin like this for my birthday. This ball thing is no secret.

Anyway, that's why I did that first pencil drawing about three years ago. All I had were the bubble letter, the balls in red colored pencil, and a small strip of blue at thebottom that looked like the most pathetic excuse of water that anyone has tried to draw. The first thing I wanted to tackle was making sure the page didn't fall out of the sketchpad.

I've had trouble like that in other sketchbooks and since I was gonna start arting in this one, I knew it would be an issue. So I made a homemade washi tape, of sorts, with double-sided tape and a scrap of rainbow paper colored paper I had, and placed it over the micro-dots that make the page tear out-able. Then I used my newly learned mixed media skills to use and outlined the whole thing in black pin, including each individual stripe. Like magic, this scrap of paper which I'd saved from a pack of cardstock, no longer look like garbage stuck on randomly but it looked like part of the page. I also did some doodling on it to add interest.

Close-up of homemade washi tape, outlinging, added interest, and micro-dots on other page.

Next, I wanted to add color to my plain bubble letters. I used some random mini Staples gel pens I had and I sense I had no color scheme in mind I just used all the colors and experimented with mixing them and whatnot. I wanted to add some white highlights but I didn't have any white pens. I did outline them with black pen again because the original pencil just wasn't popping enough.

Text close-up

Finally, I needed a background because I the white page was just too white and too plain. That's how you art right? Foreground first, then background? Obviously.  Sarcasm aside, I never knew what I was doing at any point, so I just did things as they occurred to me. Since, again, I had no color scheme other than big red balls, I decided to do a rainbow background and hoped all the disparate colors would come together because of it...and I was right.

See squiggles? There are even some in the yellow.

I used watercolors for the rainbow, but I didn't use much water because I wanted vibrant colors, not transparent, and let's face, this is just sketch book paper, so thin you can see pencil through it, it wasn't going to hold much water. After painting the rainbow, I wanted to add more texture and interest so I went in with my regular, plain, probably made for children, washable Rose Art markers and did some outlining at all the edges and some doodling inside.

Did I say finally? Because even after all that, I didn't think it was enough. Remember the Layers thing? So, I went over the red balls with watercolor and outlined them and their holders. But the real last step was adding the white. See, I felt like there should be something on one side and I really liked the coffee cup stain stamp I'd seen in a few videos but I didn't have one. I used the little Dixie cups I sometimes pour my paints and mediums into, dipped them in gesso and then dipped them on my page. I used my fingertips to make the smaller drops. Then I outlined in black, which is my new favorite thing.

Then I thought the other side of the page looked empty and I tried some stamping....The stamping with gesso absolutely did not work. I made a gesso circle instead. And using Shadow and Timberwolf Craoyla crayons (which I'm also obsessed with and I have a million), I turned the circle into a moon, which was kind of perfect given the Good Night part of the text.

Finally, the really truly finally, I inked the edges of my page with a random, funny smelling black pigment ink pad I had. Somehow, I like that and feel unsure about it at the same time.

A disposable palette underneath, to bring out the inking.
So, there you go, my first Art Fart Friday post AND my first Ooops! I Arted post. I'm really excite about these series ideas and I'm looking forward to diving deeper into the world of art journaling and upcycling old/failed art!