Friday, October 30, 2015

Art Fart Friday

This week, I thought I'd bring you just a normal Art Fart and not another Ooops! post because we haven't had a normal one yet. This week will be a little preview. A window into an upcoming, brand new page. Plus, a little about how I create most of my pieces.

Behold, the future
This is a very rough copy of a spread I'm working on right now. I was inspired by a painted piece of doily and scraps of book pages you can barely see in the picture above. Plus the endless number of beige shabby chic mixed media and altered pieces I see on Pinterest. Additionally, an envelope will added to the spread but it would have blocked most of the page for the picture.

Anyway, the way I compose these things pretty much makes a giant mess. I think of whatever theme or idea from whatever inspiration I can find and collect every possible type of craft supply that could possibly match it. For this one, it meant going through every scrap, both paper and fabric, then through every whole piece, then every strand of ribbon and thread, then every embellishment, and every bead, and so on and so forth. Basically, I end up with a pile of stuff, in this case all beige, that looks like a craft store vomited in my office.

Next, I lay things next to other things until something starts to come together. Once I like whatever that thing is, I keep building on it until all the blank space is filled. Sometimes, I will keep a few options available off to the side, in case I change my mind, but if I want to get any work done, I have to clear away a bunch of stuff first,  so everything I'm not using gets put away.

Then, I may or may not work on the piece. The above spread is still laying out like this waiting to be refined, glued down, and finished. Given my work pace, things can lay out like this for months or years. I'm trying to rectify this awful habit. The art journal, blog post, and the need for actual working space is helping.

Anyway, that's my artistic process in general and at the moment. I guess, it's a short post today, a relief from the all the much longer posts of the week. Hopefully in a week or two I'll be posting a finished pic and giving even more details on how I layered up this spread, and feature my favorite part the text!