Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Birthday Revelations

Originally, I was going to post some things regarding my recent birthday before the actual day and along the topic of being in your thirties vs twenties but then I read this by @Xplodingunicorn. He said everything I wanted to say, but better and funnier. I hate when that happens.

So, as a duteous and regular blogger, I sat right down, getting to work on my own original birthday content, still funny and awesome, and obviously in timely manner. Just kidding, I celebrated my birthday instead, partying 3 1/2 days straight, sharing a good deal of it on Twitter.

And now, in a post-celebration sort of haze, I'm finally getting 'round to saying something and that something is . . .

Yeah, I don't know.  I like being thirty-ish? It's better than twenty-ish? I know more about myself, my likes and dislikes, my goals and desires, than I ever have before? Life is getting clearer and clearer day by day? I can't even say for sure that these revelations are a result of getting older or finally being on the right balanced mix of prescriptions.

However, I can say that there is no mystery. If you're waiting for something, anything: the right man, the perfect publishing opportunity, the right story idea, the right apartment, or even the right bus; there's nothing to wait for. There's no magic to it, no alignment of stars, no perfect timing, perfect place, for these things to happen. Just go for it. Just do it. Eventuality and discovery are the names of the game. Just get started and eventually you'll end up where you're suppose to be,  even if you didn't know that that was where you were suppose to be.

Then you die. Or maybe you die before you get there.

Either way, at least you won't have to worry about it any more.

In between now and then,