Saturday, November 7, 2015

NaNoWriMo 2015: Re the Daily Postings

As you may have noticed, I have been posting my writings and word counts from NaNowriMo each day.  But I haven't posted Day 6 yet and I haven't even started writing on Day . I'm sort of reconsidering this because the way I write, especially during NaNoWriMo is not in chronological order, I often go back and add scenes, description, details, or any extra stuff I think of or need to add for something to make sense later in the narrative. Or sometimes I just write the whole thing over like I did with my first 3,000 words. That kind of writing doesn't make for easy posting or reading while in progress, which is why your NaNoWriMo draft is suppose to stay for Your Eyes Only.

But I want to post it. I want to share the rough draftiness of the experience, the process of it all. NaNoWriMo is this absolutely crazy and creative time when anything can happen. To make your word counts, to keep the plot going, even if you have something planned out, when your motivation lags or your own story is boring you, you have to inject something off the wall or startling. It forces you to make creative decision that you might never have made before. Even if it doesn't end up in a final draft, you've stretched yourself, tested your limits, and maybe it took you, your characters, or your writing to a place you never thought it would go.

 Plus it's the only new thing I'll be writing for awhile and I want to keep posting fiction. And finally, posting it online gives me extra commitment and motivation to keep writing, even when the writing is difficult, especially when the writing is difficult.

I'm considering doing a compilation sort of thing, posting it once a week maybe. But without formatting, almost 12K words is a lot to read in a blog post, and I definitely cannot be bogged down with formatting at a time like this.

While I'm figuring it, I won't be posting daily. I'll probably do a compilation over the weekend, or after the weekend on Monday. In the meantime, I will be writing my ass off to catch up on my word count and hopefully get a little bit ahead, give myself some breathing room to think about something besides The Horrorphiles and NaNoWriMo.