Monday, January 25, 2016

My Adventures on Instagram, A Follow-Up

Last month/last year, I did a post about my Instagram account and the #HolidayBookChallenge I was taking part in. If you used that opportunity to follow me, then you already know I gave up that challenge about half way through. It was very different than I expected and not really what I wanted to do with my account.

For one, to be a bookstgrammer, there is a lot more staging than I originally thought. Half way through December, exhausted from Christmas decorating, present shopping/making, and still trying to finish The Horrorphiles, I just got fed up with trying to find books in my collection to fit the overall holiday theme and to pair up with twinkle lights or hot chocolate. I really should have stopped on Day 8 when I couldn't be bother to deshelve my books to spell out "Merry Christmas". Turns out, while I love books and reading, I'm not in to creating book or shelf displays or cowing over book cover art.

What I really wanted to do by revitalizing my Instagram account was find and show beauty in everyday life. I don't live a glamorous life, I don't have a ton of gorgeous props, I don't organize my books by spine color, I don't go to a lot of picturesque places. Nor do I have the time or energy to create the illusion that I might. But I do believe the everyday is beautiful and should be captured and shared. I just want to be honest.

Blizzard #knitting progress in one day and a beautiful blue yarn that photographs drastically differently in various lighting. The Kleenex box keeps the yarn ball from rolling all over the place and collecting dog hair. #knittingneedles #yarn#amknitting #warm #keepingwarm#crafting #blizzard2016 #crafty #crafthack

#blizzard2016 yesterday and today. Nearly 24hrs of snow. #jonas#winterishere #snowedin #snow #wintery

And that's it. That was my weekend: knitting and watching the snow fall, for a grand total of 30 likes.

I'm not in it for the likes though. I'm in it for a fresh perspective, sharing beauty, making a revolution. Won't you join me?