Monday, February 15, 2016

Art Fart Friday but on a Monday

Hello folks and welcome to an Art Fart Friday post even though it's Monday. I wanted to be done with this piece and have it posted on Friday but I wasn't and didn't.  Let's just call it a Presidents' Day present. Or a late non-romantical Valentine's day gift. Either way, anyway, on to the art!

Let's start with the art junk journal I made.
Inside a signiture

Inside the front "cover"
The spine
This journal is hand made from a couple of old canvas papers, a couple of old sketches on drawing paper, and one sheet of heavy water color paper. Plus, I added a few handfuls of newsprint paper from a community college course catalogue. Because the pages are made from old, abandoned artwork, every spread or piece I do in this journal is, in a essence, also an Ooops, I Arted post as well.

The inside covers, ie Mona Lisa, are made from some art prints I received from some kind of mail order art print advertisement. I honestly think it was some kind of Columbia House deal but with art reproductions. I think I got four prints as part of the "introductory invitation", including this Mona Lisa repro, Monet's Water Lilies and the Japanese Bridge, and two works I've never heard of. I've been trying to think of a way to reuse them for years. I am glad I can finally use them here. I can't wait to alter the Mona Lisa, I've never like this painting nor do I understand the supposed attraction.

Finally, the spine is a simple western multiple signature binding for four holes as instructed in Creating Handmade Books by Alisa Golden (this specific book is no longer in print but I've linked to another book by the same author that is a collection of her previous books, including this one but if you're interested in making handmade books I highly recommend the original). I've made a few handmade books before, always using this book as a guide, but this is the first multiple signature book I've made. I originally wanted a chain stitch binding but chickened out in the end.

Moving on, I made this art junk journal because I want a good-sized art journal, without perforated pages, to use for Mike Deakin's Mission: Inspiration projects. I saw his video for the January Mission: Inspiration and I just knew I had to join in, even though usually I'm not much of joiner. I absolutely love the spread he makes in this video, it makes me laugh and lifts my spirits every single time I watch it. If you're interested in joingin in the Mission Inspirations, check out his MI Facebook group.

All right, enough talky-talk. Here are the pictures showing my project, Birds in Space, through each of the 10 steps. I'm sorry for any unclear pictures and the yellowish coloring. The lighting in my work space is super yellowed and my cell phone doesn't always take the greatest pics. In the future, I will try to remember my actual camera or do more touch-up work. . . or something.

Tissue Paper

Thin Coat of Gesso

2 Rubber Stamps

Torn Book Text

Collage Elements

Add 3 Colors

White Paint Marks

Add Quote, Add Doodles

Add Splatters
I think I could have added a few more details, and then more details, and then even more off into infinity, so I decided just to stop instead. I was inspired by the original tissue paper I used even though very little of it is visible in the final product. I think I could have used more collage elements or larger ones but I fell in love with the mouth, originally belonging to Lady Gaga I believe, and the birds with the cherries, especially as the reds matched. Plus, as soon as I saw the birds I knew I wanted to put them outer space and tie it to dreams somehow. I'm most proud of the planets even though the shapes were drawn from a stencil, I hand-coloured them with my new Derwent Inktense pencils and I just loved how they turned out.

My own Personal Planetarium

As you may have noticed, I didn't bother really going step-by-step for each little detail I did because I didn't want to bore anyone, but if you want to know what products I used or any certain techniques, feel free to ask in a comment below. :)

Anyway, this is for January's Mission: Inspiration, late as it is, and I'm already started on February's spread, so I hopefully won't fall anymore behind. For in-progress pics as soon as it happens, be sure to follow me on Instagram. Also, please stop by Mike's channel and check out his work, very fun and always inspirational!

Until next time . . .