Friday, February 19, 2016

Art Fart Friday: February Mission Inspiration Art Journal Spread

Hi again, folks! I know my posts are leaning more art heavy lately but there's a reason for that, which I'll talk about next week, maybe.

Anyway, today I want to share with ya'll my art journal spread for Mike Deakin's February's Mission Inspiration prompts. Watch his YouTube video to get the general idea of the project and prompts. Click here to see what I did for January's MI prompts.

For the last journal spread, I was inspired by the tissue paper I used and the bird magazine cut-outs I had. The entire image came pretty quickly and completely into my head. This time I struggled a bit more. I really didn't have a complete idea just same vague thoughts that never rally formed a complete picture until I was actually done.
On to the art!

Apply 2 colors with your fingers
I actually started with black gesso but I don't have any good pictures of that. It's my first time using black gesso and I like it a lot better. It makes a smoother surface, it's easier to apply, and dries quicker.

The two colors I used were white and a sort of cool grey I mixed myself using cadmium red medium, Thalo blue, white, and matte medium. I saw this color made when I was actually researching how to mix my own hot pink in this video from Will Kemp Art School. I liked the feeling of the paint on my fingers but I didn't actually like painting with them. The stripes came out thicker than I wanted and didn't blend well as much as I expected but I did like the evocation of old-school prison uniforms.

Add torn magazine fragments

Mike didn't tear his mag ads, so I didn't think it was bending the rules too much not tear mine either.

Add thin layer of gesso
I thinned my gesso with matte medium and spread it across the paint and little bit around the edges of the fish ad.

Add texture paste through a stencil
I used black lava gel through a stencil. Again, it was my first time using this product and it was shinier than I expected. Also more difficult to get through a stencil than I imagined.

Black lava texture - detail

A real life comb
A lot of people in the Mission Inspiration group, in comments or videos, kept mentioning how they didn't have a comb to use, which I thought was kind of funny, so I took a pic of my real life comb. Yes, I'm lol-ing even now.

Make marks with a brush or comb

comb mark - details

Adhere book text shapes - left side

Adhere book text shapes - right side
I may have gone overboard with these tiny book text squares. I just kept adding and adding and adding until I was done. Then I added some more.

Use two rubber stamps with text - right detail

Use two rubber stamps with text - Left detail
Between the wonkiness of the pages and the journal overall, and the black lava texture gel, I really couldn't get a great impression with my stamps but they are there, adding interest.

Add doodles with colored pen - detail right side

Add doodles with colored pen - detail left side

Add doodles with colored pen
You may be wondering where the color is but . . . I don't really have very good colored pens. I have a few gel pens that don't work well on the best surfaces, much less a slick one covered in matte medium, plus I decided I really wanted to keep my page black and white. And since black is still a color. . . I doodled with black. Whatever, these aren't rules, just prompts, and at this point I was falling head over heels in love with my page.

Add quote or phrase like a ransom note
As you can see, I totally cut out magazine letters and even spelled out my phrase. However, like I said before, I really wanted to keep my page black and white and also I thought my phrase was pretty melodramatic and lame. Then I remembered I had these Tim Holtz label stickers that would still look pretty ransom style, so I started to use those. And while I was trying to figure out why the hell the damn sticker letters refused to stick to anything I had a genius idea!

Fish puns!
Yeah, I'm LoL-ing about this too.

Create a border with washi tape

Washi - detail left side w/ added doodling

Washi detail - right side w/ added doodling

Phrase detail with added doodling

Final spread still unnamed

So that's it! February's Mission Inspiration and I love it! Like seriously love it! I can't decide on a title though. I keep oscillating between "Fishy Puns" or "Save Our Soles". Any opinions?