Friday, February 26, 2016

Art Fart Friday: Strides art journal spread

For this week's Art Fart, I bring you my latest art journal spread. Since January, I've very slowly been working on an art journal spread for my One LittleWord of 2016, but now it's finally 99.99% finished and I LOVE IT! Like seriously, this has taken months to finish from pencil sketches, to inking, to coloring. It was one of the few things I could work on while also on bed rest but there was still only so much I could do at a time.

Very poor cell phone pic of original sketch

Pencil circles

Inked circles
 I used a bunch of new products I've never used before like watercolor pencils (not a fan), Derwent Inktense pencils (<3 <3 <3) and Glossy Accents (more <3s) and worked it in my idea dump journal. Perhaps another of my favorite things is how the two pages speak to each other but are different at the same time. It actually took me a long time to brainstorm the second page because, as you can see in the original sketch, I had no idea beyond an envelope for the journaling cards.

Full Strides Spread

Left Detail

Right Detail

Envelope Detail
I learned to make this envelope by watching a YouTube video that I unfortunately cannot find again. It's actually double-sided and the original poster used it for a greeting cards on one side and gift cards on the other and tied it up with a ribbon. She also used a full size 12x12 scrapbook sheet and I used . . . a smaller piece of paper in some mysterious measurements that I can't remember. This was literally my first one and I had to take it apart several times, after I'd already glued it, and now it's sort of wonky. C'est la vie.

Journaling cards (sans journaling)
I'll tell you what, these journaling cards were a pain in my ass. Originally, I covered the first side with my quotes and some journaling and colored it with marker but I hated that. Then I tried to fix it with water and a paper-towel and made it worse. Finally, I grabbed my Yes! Paste, slathered that over the horrific original cards, and then carefully cut around the original shape. Then I loved them! But . . . they don't fit in the envelope anymore.

Back of journaling cards

Another part of this whole journal card mishap is that I'd already decorated the back, including a bunch of impossible to remove stickers, and I really couldn't do much to change them. I'm actually happy with most of them except the blue one, which definitely wrecks the flow.

 As you can see, the only the final 00.01% to finish is rewriting my quotes and finishing the journaling. And also probably trimming them just a tad to fit better in the envelope.

And that's it for Art Fart Friday! Hope you enjoyed it <3