Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Year 2016, One Word: Strides

In my last post, I wrote about the past a little or at least the past few months. Now, I'd like to talk about the future. Usually a post like this should go up in January right? Something like January 3rd, right around New Year's, right? Well, let me tell you something. . .

January's fucking suck.

It's taken me some thirty odd years to figure it out but seriously: January's fucking suck. It's always the lowest part of the year for me but it's suppose to have all the promise of the new year, not feel like the shittiest month of the last year. But inevitably, I spend most of every January, in bed, depressed as hell, wishing that everything just didn't suck so much.

February's are fucking awesome.

When February comes, a huge weight is lifted. It finally feels like a new year, like everything is possible. I make plans upon plans upon plans. To me, February is the real start of the year, when I pounce on tasks and goals with vigor.

2016 has been no different. January sucked but it's over, February is just beginning and the future is bright. So, let's talk about the future.

Strides. Great strides. Huge motherfucking STRIDES.

Strides is my One Little Word for 2016. I've never chosen a word to work on for an entire year before but I heard it mentioned in one of the many YouTube videos I watched during one of my many days of bedrest in January and the concept really struck a chord with me. I looked over my list of goals I wanted to accomplish this year and the theme was evident. There were even times when I could tell I was avoiding using the word "strides" because I already used it several times in my goals list. Obviously, strides was the word for me.

But what does my word strides mean for you and the rest of the world? For one thing, much more output. More blogs, more photos, more stories, more novels, more art. More of everything anyone (or possibly no one) would ever want from me. In fact, it's already started.

You may have noticed across the top of this blog, just under the header, are a few links to some other pages. If you've ever clicked on them before, they just led to placeholders with promises for future content. Well, that content has finally arrived. Go ahead, click on any of them, see all the stuff.

What else you ask? There's also this interview I did for the Chilling Tales podcast, S1E5 "No Good Deed Goes Unpunished", featuring 3 scary stories, including the audio production of my story "Creeper".

Do you want even more? How about another novel? My serial novel Zombie Zorority comes out February 16th on Chanillo.com.

If that's still not enough, check out my Etsy store. There are only a couple of things in there now but my inventory will be growing very soon.

There you go. Strides. It has already begun and it will continue throughout 2016. Happy New Year, everyone!