Friday, February 5, 2016

What Happens to Art Deferred?

You might remember this Art Fart Friday post from some time ago. I never actually got around to completing this layout. Partly because a couple of other projects got in the way, mostly because I've had a run of poor health.

I don't mean I've had one long illness but like 10 little ones. It would almost be easier to have something like tuberculoses or cancer, more people would understand that, those take more out of you over a long period of time. But that's not what I have. What I have is an endless series of small to moderate things and the only cure is bedrest and drinking fluids. Apparently bedrest and fluids cures everything from blood-loss to bronchitis. The medical world should stop researching, they apparently already have their miracle cure. I cannot handle another doctor or nurse telling me to take it easy and drink plenty of water. I'm only staying the same or getting worse, as the case may be.

Anyway, over time I keep having to do less and less just to say at the same level of health and energy. It's like that story of the three little pigs, except it's just one pig (me) and I'm the one who builds her house of straw. The Big Bad Wolf comes and blows my house down but I can't run away all I can do is rebuild. So I do. I build another house with straw again. Not because I'm stupid but because it's all I have. But some of the pieces have scattered and I can't build exactly the same, just the best I can. And then the Big Bad Wolf comes again, blows down my house again, and I have to start over again with even less pieces. It's a pretty exhausting process.

So what I am I left with? A bunch of projects I started way back when, get put on the back burner, older projects get pushed back on even further, and the ones due soon take precedent. And yet, I can't work on anything when all my work tables are cluttered with layouts and materials still waiting to be used on old stuff. Hard decisions have to be made.

I chose to scarp that layout for several reasons. First, I didn't feel that strongly about the statement I was trying to make anymore. Secondly, even if I still wanted to make that particular spread, I didn't feel like it fit that particular journal. It's suppose to be my idea journal, not an art journal per se. Since this spread wasn't covering old work or sparking new ideas or goals,  it had to go. Finally, I couldn't really remember how I wanted to assemble all the pieces anymore.

Out with the old in with the new.

There are more and more projects I'm disassembling. It's sad to see something I once had dreams about finishing being completely abandoned but, at the same time, these supplies are refreshing my craft horde and offering inspiration for something new and better that I can use in new projects.

My house may keep getting blown down or may be missing pieces but I keep rebuilding, keep pushing forward until the Big Bad Wolf finally goes away.