Monday, April 25, 2016

Zombie Zorority, Channillo Faves, + a GIVEAWAY!!!! [CLOSED]

Zombie Zorority "Launch"

Hey guys, it's finally here! My Zombie Zorority book "launch"! And by finally I mean months after the first episode was released on So technically the book has already launched, I've just been delayed from doing promotions, more episodes, and giveaways due to previously mentioned health issues (more updates on this later).

But now I'm happy to announce (or reannounce?) that Zombie Zorority is available for your reading enjoyment on Including brand new book cover art!

Art by Stephanie Thompson and Mary Thompson
Wondering what Zombie Zorority is all about? Have a blurb:

Monsters are real, though they prefer to be called Paranormals or Paras. They live on a secret government compound in Montana, run by the Paranomal Agency's Research and Resource Area, and except for a few minor incidents, the rate of para attacks falls each year, the general public barely thinks of them, or cares what  happens to them. Unless, like Zoey, they fall victim to such an attack and have their lives changed forever. A zombie bite will do that to you, of course.

For Zoey, life after the zombie attack is radically different but also somehow the same. She goes to college, Cayce College instead of her state university, she makes friends with the wendigo and succubi she rooms with, and she even falls in love with one of the few other zombies living (non-living?) in Parratown. But she isn't like the other zombies, or the other Paras even, Zoey is different, she doesn't accept her new life easily nor the prejudices of the other Paras. More than anything she misses her father, her humanity, life outside of Parratown. How can she ever be satisfied with this new life, cordoned off in Montana, while her father thinks she's dead?

I'm super excited about this, you guys! Writing Zombie Zorority is lots of fun and working with Channillo has been super easy.  Now, Channillo is the first place I look for new authors to read. I'm reading so much more because all the novels are broken up into easily digestible pieces. Want to know more?

My Channillo Fave 5 is a website offering books in an online serial platform. They have everything: fiction novels in every genre, humorist memoirs, essays, and even poetry. Everything you want to read is as low as $5 a month! For that $5 a month, you can subscribe up to 10 different books or collections . . . and before I sound even more like a PBS donation drive, here are my Top 5 favorite Channillo books.

5. Everyday Adventures: A Collection of Micro Fiction by Eliza Leone. What can I say, I love short fiction and these stories by Eliza Leone are the shortest I've read yet. Well crafted and intriguing, you can always time find to read one of these stories but fair warning: once you start, you won't want to stop.

4. Musings of a Champagne Addict by Lisa Fox. Lisa Fox is a romance author who's lived a life of travel, men, writing, and more. Her bi-monthly journal entries give an interesting snapshot into the life of a female author. You know, one who's not me, lol.

3. Chrysalis and Clan by Jae Mazer. The first episode opens with a family mystery and bloody violence and I've been hooked ever since. Five total episodes are available now, I'm woefully behind, but I can't wait 'til I get a chance to catch up on this great horror novel.

2. Fatizen 24602 by Philip C. Barragan III. This novel, set in a futuristic, verge of dystopia U.S., is super original and thought provoking focused on the topic of obesity and fat-shaming. I especially love the combination of the novel with the main character's digital diary, and loads of in-world artwork and propaganda. It's the same experimentation and expansion I want to do with Zombie Zorority. Speaking of which...

1. Zombie Zorority by Stephanie Thompson. Of course Zombie Zorority was going to be my favorite Channillo read! I'm so excited about this series and can't wait to share it all with you guys. It's not yo momma's zombie novel!

Are you still not convinced to join, even just to read Zombie Zorority? Will a totally awesome giveaway change your mind? Ok.

[Deadline has passed. Giveaway is closed.]

The Prize: Read any of the above books or the hundreds more available on free for the next three months. That's right, I said FREE for THREE WHOLE MONTHS. Thanks to Channillo, I've got one 3-month bronze subscription gift code ($15 value) to give away. The bronze level subscription allows you to subscribe up to 10 different Channillo series.

The How: Entering is free and simple! Leave a comment below. That's it.

The Rules: Gift code is only valid for brand new account subscribers. If you already have an account with, you will not be able to redeem the prize. This is Channillo's restriction on the gift code, not a rule of mine.

The Deadlines: Please leave a comment before 8 pm, Thursday, 28 April 2016 to be entered into the giveaway. Winner will be drawn and announced on Friday, 29 April 2016. Gift code must be redeemed by Thursday, 5 May 2016.

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