Saturday, July 9, 2016

A Zombie Zaturday Writer's Retreat

This weekend I'm going on a writer's retreat. Well, 'going' might be misleading. 'Retreat' also might.

Maybe it's a lock-in? No, lock-down. Like in a prison. A writer's lock-down. Door shut, cell phone off, blinds down, nothing but coffee and sugar until a large number of words have left my brain.

Because, I'm going to tell the truth y'all, I have not done much writing at all. Which, normally, is more of an annoying and sad thing but now it's a pretty shameful thing as some very, very nice people are actually paying me to write Zombie Zorority and I'm failing to deliver quite miserably.

However, that's gonna turn around real soon. Like right now. Today. Welcome to the beginning of Zombie Zaturday.

hashtag, of course
Every Saturday, I'm either going to write or post new Zombie Zorority material. Plus, there will be other awesome zombie related things for y'all like puns, artwork, and giveaways. Oh, and announcements (yeah, I have a lot of announcements this year but there are a lot of big things happening). There's so much awesome I might have to create #ZombieZunday too!

To be sure to get in on all this #zombiezaturday (also zometimez zunday) madness be sure to follow me on ALL the social media platforms: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, or even Google+. (I am everywhere and everything, ooooh *spooky*)

I'm excited, are you?! It's kicking off today, at some point, with my massive write-a-thon immersion in Zombie Zorority and the occasional social media gulps of the outside world sharing my progress and whatever other zombie things I find kicking around here.

In the meantime, zombie on and