Thursday, July 21, 2016

Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves. . . .also, You Tube

The past week has been soooo eventful it's almost mind boggling. On Friday, I posted my first YouTube video. I also flew to Indianapolis, which tested the reins of both my anxiety and my patience (our flight was delayed because they boarded us onto a broken plane). I had a great weekend with some family and got to see my baby niece crawl for the first time. There was a #zombiezaturday in there, which required frantic editing during nap time and borrowed laptops. Then, I flew back to D.C. on Monday, once again testing my anxiety and patience (because this time a giant storm delayed the flight). Tuesday was pretty dull as I caught up on some administration and planning. Then Wednesday went and demolished all that careful, tropical themed planning.

All this beauty, obsolete.
At first Wednesday appeared normal, like any other Wednesday or any other day for that matter. I was excited because I was going to art. After a long weekend of only pen doodles, I needed to art quite badly. But first coffee.

Aaaand that's when I discovered a house full of activity and water. Overnight, or rather sometime between 4am and 10am, the supply line to our dishwater burst and filled a good 2/3 of the house with six inches of water. Every floor was soaked and soggy and a ceiling downstairs collapsed. Nobody was hurt, professionals and real grown ups were dealing with, and my room was fine so, I went about with my coffee and my arting.

good fucking morning
Turns out that when your house floods of it's own free will, magical carpet people do not sow up vacuums of super sucky wizard power and remove all the water like it's never happened. Instead they turn up with phone calls, insurance claims, hotel rooms, contractors, giant dehumidifiers, and carpet removers.

Just realized the dining room looks like a dance studio now.

Instead, it's sort of like a watery, destructive The Lion King: everything the water touches has to be removed. Also everything water adjacent (because you can't replace just part of a carpet....or wall). Also the people and animals because there will be no stove and without a stove there is no food and without food there is no circle of life (sorry that was lame).

Now here's where my day falls apart because no one had a clue that we'd have to move out of the house when all the wheels were set in motion. We thought it would just be noisy for a few days then life would be normal again. Even when they first said we had to stay at a hotel, we thought it would just be for a few days, less than a week. In reality, we'll be out of the house for at least two weeks. TWO WEEKS! AT LEAST!

HUGE dehumidifier
In the end, we will end up with a practically new house (well, 2/3 of one) but, in the meantime, most of our stuff will go in a pod, and we will go to a hotel for an indeterminate length of time. 

Imagine the anxiety of trying to pack for an indeterminate amount of time. Like how mean pairs of underwear does one pack for ∞? How much shampoo? Now imagine the exponential increase of anxiety when I had scheduled recording and posting 3-4 art journal videos each week and finally catching up on Mission Inspiration, Journal 52, Dictionary Art Journalers, AND Mixed Media Morsels in a series I would call the Great Craft Catch-Up, but there was no way I could bring my entire art studio to the hotel and suddenly I have to come up with an entire content plan that I could record in a hotel and pack for in under 24 hours and would cross platforms between YouTube and Blogger and at the same time the house is collapsing around me and full of strange men and your dog is outside barking and scratching at the door and all you want is life to go back to whenever it was normal and/or cry.

(and breathe)

In a weird way, this is almost a return to normal life for us, minus all the water. Back in the old days, when my dad was active duty in the US Air Force, we moved several times, not as often as some but more than most. Each move meant packing up all our stuff to disappear with movers, and a separate amount of stuff for TLF or Temporary Living Facilities, sometimes on base cottage like housing, sometimes rented housing, sometimes extended stay hotel rooms (like what we'll be in this time). It always comes with some anxiety, and you'd think each time the anxiety would be a little less, like exposure therapy, you get use to living like a gypsy or going to new places that, in general, aren't that different from the last place. However, the last time we moved, almost exactly 16 years ago, my anxiety was so overwhelming I spent all summer in the hotel room watching Food Network and Comedy Central.

To be honest, I couldn't reason or breathe or list my way out of the overwhelming anxiety of yesterday. Yesterday was a Xanax day. But once that kicked in, and my levels of anxiety went to normal for the situation, which was basically pack for a two week hotel stay, and not the world coming to an end, I got an idea. An awful idea. A wonderful, awful idea.

The idea was to use up as much paper as I possibly could doing whatever I could do in a hotel room with whatever I could fit in a suitcase. It was an awful idea because it was super vague and I have ton of paper.

I'm sort of obsessed with paper. All kinds of paper. Cardstock, printer paper, news print, books, junk mail, magazines, scrapbook paper, envelopes...ALL KINDS of PAPER.

Basically I'm a paper hoarder, I have way more than I could possibly bring. Also paper is heavy and bulky and I still had to pack my other art supplies and then you know clothes and toiletries and such.

Anyway, I'm mostly bringing scrapbook paper, plus a few newspapers, and some envelopes, and a few sketchbooks, plus my planner, and my planner supplies, and . . . well, you get the idea, I'm bringing a whole large suitcase and one large art bag or supplies. Too much probably but enough to have a PAPER EXTRAVAGANZA at the hotel.

I'm gonna be making books, paper mosaics, art journal pages, and SO MUCH MORE. And I'm recording it all for you guys and posting it on my YouTube channel because, you guys, I have a YouTube channel now with a video and everything!!

So, this year has been insane in general. The past few days have multiplied insanity by water. And even as I'm living out of suitcase and boxes for the foreseeable future, I'm gonna keep arting and writing and sharing it all with you because, well, what else am I gonna do?

In the meantime, take life one moment at a time and . . .