Thursday, July 28, 2016

Mixed Media Morsels #12

I know last week I said wouldn't be able to catch up on all my journals, including Mixed Media Morsels. But once I got settled in at the hotel and I saw all the supplies I'd packed laid out, I knew I had to do some of the MMMs. I didn't care if I did them in order, I wanted mainly to practice mixed media techniques.

Originally I was just going to do them all in my idea dump notebook, which I carry with me anywhere, so it was one of the 10 notebooks that made it to the hotel.

I have added more since this picture was taken. Okay, I have a notebook addiction.

So much sodium...
But, as I was going through the mixed media playlist, I saw MMM #12 was making easy art journals using food boxes. Normally, at home, it would be difficult to find empty food boxes but hotel food mainly comes from boxes and gets cooked in the microwave.

Thus it was decided, instead of filling up my tiny hotel garbage can with microwave dinner boxes, I'd start my Mixed Media Morsels with #12.

Let's just watch the tape. Roll that beautiful mixed media footage!


You may think making an art journal or book wouldn't be so easy but it honestly is. Cat Hand used things most people have around the house. Not counting drying time, this only took me two hours to make and I'm no expert. This might be the simplest way to make something that feels like a real book. Seriously, just using the boxes in picture above, I could and would be willing to make 5 more of these books. I could do it in the same amount of time it would take me to watch The Lord of the Rings trilogy. I might do it while I watch The LotR trilogy. I might do that on Wednesday. I just figured out what I'm doing next Wednesday.

Also, Cat Hand uses a Tim Holtz Ring Binder and I can see why because the finished art journal feels like a real, sturdy binder. However, I really like the flexibility of the rubber band binding and I'm not big ring binder fan, so I'll probably stick with what I have.

Eventually, I'll do more with my inside and outside covers. On the outside, I used a paper that already looks like a mixed media piece and I love it. There isn't much I'd change, but I'll probably add a few touches that will help integrate the labels/title and more pink. For the inside, I'm not sure what I'd do, if anything, but I'll definitely film whatever it ends up being. Overall, I love it and I can't wait until I get to use it.

'Til then...