Monday, July 4, 2016

Time Flies

Happy June . . . . Wait, wait, I mean July. Happy July! Happy Fourth of July, in fact. Where did the time go?

Work. Work, work, work. Behind the scenes work for something big and awesome that I can't talk about yet.

But I can talk about that time one of my best friends surprised me, ALL THE WAY FROM ENGLAND, and we had a wine-filled, action packed 2 and a half week epic awesome time.

Have you ever been surprised before? Like totally awestruck super surprised? I'll tell you what, it's pretty bewildering. It took me three days to recover. I kept thinking it was a dream and I'm pretty sure I've never asked how so many times in my life before. She just showed up on my doorstep!

Then she was just in my house, drinking whisky old fashioneds.

Now I know what it's like when Publishers Clearing House shows up on your doorstep and why those people in the commercials look woefully unprepared and almost scared. Because you're expecting the mailman and instead there's a camera crew filming you in pjs and hair curlers.

I count my blessing that Laura's video didn't take for whatever reason because I would not want that look committed to digital film forever.

When the shock finally wore off, there were so many adventures it's exhausting just listing them out. How about a photo collage. Or two.

I said there was wine right? Because there was sooooo much wine. VA wine is the best!

So, yeah, that was the first half of June and the second half has been far less photographic and mostly involved getting back to real life and sweating out any residual wine at the gym.

There has been some scrapbooking and plannering going on.

And also there's been work.

It may not look like much but it is the beginning of something special
Anyway, I can't believe the first half of 2016 is over. It was full of so many special  events, how can I not be even more excited for the second half?

How's your 2016 going? Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time (and hopefully sooner than another two months).....