Saturday, July 30, 2016

#ZombieZaturday: Fave 5 Zombie Hits

As I've mentioned before, I love making playlists for my novels. I discover all sorts of new songs and artists searching Spotify for music matching the themes and genres of my novels. Awhile ago, while looking for some novel jams, I discovered a whole awesome genre I didn't know existed: psychobilly or horrorpop or whatever it is you want to call the monster genre of rock and roll. It was great when I was compiling The Horrorphile playlist but it's been perfect for my Zombie Zorority playlist.

Today, for #ZombieZaturday, I wanted to share my Fave 5 zombie hits. It was so hard for me to choose, much less put them in order, but take a listen and see what you think.

Fave 5 Zombie Hits

#5. Zombies Ate Her Brains, The Creepshow

#4. Nobody Likes You When You're Dead, Zombina + The Skeletones

#3. Walk Like A Zombie, Horrorpops

#2. Zombie Love Song, Your Favorite Martian

Honorable Mention: Thriller, Michael Jackson

I know an honorable mention really makes this a Favorite 6, but I couldn't make a zombie hit list without including Thriller. At the same time, zombies aren't *explicitly* mentioned in the song. If it did, Thriller would be number one on this list but I can't bring myself to exclude this epic zombie dance number. Thus honorable mention.

Finally number one on my list is kind of gross but equally hilarious. I'll only share number one if you promise not think of it during any possible love scenes in Zombie Zorority. Of course, you won't be able to help it now. Me neither.

#1. Zombie Prostitute, Voltaire

Can't get enough undead music? Be sure to check out my Zombie Zorority playlist for all the others I didn't list here and be sure subscribe on Spotify to hear any new zombie songs I find.

Keep on Rockin' and