Saturday, August 27, 2016

Quick + Easy Art: Morning Routine

Every once and a while, I make something really simple and I want to share it. It's usually quick and easy, and sometimes clever. There's nothing really to teach or show but I still hope it'll inspire because again I usually think it's clever and someone out there might benefit. Since I'm making videos now, I thought it'd be even easier to share and sort of make a series of it.

The first of the series uses a page torn out from a magazine and washi tape. The  page has some tips for having a good morning and it has a really cold hand drawn vibe to it. Normally, for something like this, I would just tape it on my wall and call it a day.

However, I'm living in a hotel and it's another month before I get to go home and in the meantime I don't want to lose or damage it. At the same time, I had some washi I haven't used yet and a sketch book that just happened to be bigger than the magazine page. Boom! An idea was born. I could just tape it into the sketch book, make it pretty, and hang it up when I get home.

This project is quick and easy, makes keeping magazine tips pretty and easy, and uses up washi tape, my collection of which is getting out of control. The video is short, but maybe it'll give you an idea for something you can do yourself.

You can make a similar page by visiting Delicious Living to print the same page and use your own washi tape. Or you could use any torn out magazine pages you already have, I know I have a few at home that I can't wait to use this quick trick on. Oh! Also, I used masking tape to cover up the Delicious Living logo before I laid down washi. You could also use a blank address label or glue down some computer paper first. Finally, while the washi tape does have enough tack on it's own, I used some double sided tape from a tape roller to adhere the magazine page onto the sketch paper.

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