Monday, August 8, 2016

The Great Craft Catch-Up: Mission Inspiration: April "Your Favorite Someplace"

I'll start by saying, the titles are gettin' ridiculous up in here.

Moving on.

The Mission Inspiration prompts from April lent themselves easily to a travel theme and I was all about that. I love to travel and going to new places, despite all my anxieties, motion sickness, and home sickness. I also love the vintage feel and look that Mike Deakin went for in his spread. In fact, I originally planned to do something pretty close to that. I even got as far as taking out all the right supplies: brown toned travel ephemera and maps, Vintage photo Distress ink, yellow ochre paint, etc. But when I sat down to get to work, I just wasn't feeling it. It's beautiful and romantic and makes me think of bygone days on trains and steam boats that I see in films but . . . my maps have always had brilliant colors. My tickets have always been thermal printed or bar codes. The siren song to do something completely different, despite not really having the supplies, was too strong to resist.

Voila something completely different

This spread is quite a bit smaller than my other Mission Inspiration spreads which presented it's own problems. Not only did I have to scale down mark, I also had to keep a delicate balance. There was no opportunity to repeat a hundred square shapes or butterfly cutouts. I even made that nifty little folder and couldn't use it when it was just one page. However, given my struggle with this scale, I abandoned the idea that I would completely MI: May on the even smaller following page. Instead, I added a little bonus page following the same steps and even using some of the scraps from the original page.

If you're interested in the bonus video where I make this folder, let me know. I can make it happen!
I'm most proud that the united ephemera and the cut out quotes are from things I happened to have with me: baggage claims and tickets I had left in my luggage from a recent trip and the travel advert in my hotel for Marriot's reward program.

Anyway, I'm very happy with this piece because I remained true to myself and still completed the challenge, even though it was a few month late. Now I have to restrain from using this bright blue and neon pink combo in every other page I make. I love it that much, lol!

Here's the video of the process:

Please let me know in the comments if y'all like these videos or prefer the step by step photos from before. Thanks for stopping by!