Monday, September 12, 2016

The Great Craft Catch-Up: Mission Inspiration June "Stressed and Serene"

Have you ever checked something off your To-Do list because you're about to do it anyway and it makes you happy just to cross it off, then you get distracted by soemthing or don't feel like doing it any more but you never come back to it because you already crossed it off you list? That's the story of this blog post.

I finished and posted the process video for Mission Inspiration June a couple of weeks ago. I even deleted the first video, re-edited it, and reposted it and still somehow forgot to write about it. I've mentioned I'm hot mess these days right?

Anyway, if you've read my other Mission Inspiration posts, you might think I love every prompt based page I do. Contrariwise, I'd like to introduce you to "Stressed and Serene".

I do not love this spread. Looking at it makes me anxious, like I want to tidy it up. There's busy-ness and tension everywhere I try to focus. So many of the prompts didn't turn out the way I wanted/expected. When I made marks with household items, the paint was so thick every color basically looks black and none of the different shapes showed up clearly. The flying watch face stamp did not imprint clearly and mostly creates a mess. Pasting the food labels color side up, which I thought would make fun background instead was really ugly and I spent most of the time trying to cover it up with other elements, including an overload of stenciled texture paste.

I do like some parts, like my gel pen doodling. Also, I enjoyed pasting down the watch faces and I loved that I used this method of fulfilling the "glue small circles of paper randomly" prompt even though I don't love the overall look. Perhaps the biggest positive point I can give the whole thing is that it accidentally but perfectly lives up to it's title/sentiment. I'm stressed when I try to look at it as a whole but if I take just one element, say the coffee mug, I'm actually pretty calm and happy.

In the end, you win some and you lose some. I'm marking this one as a draw. Enjoy the process video!

And even though when I finished this spread, I only need to follow July's prompts and then August's and I'd be all caught up, life happened, and I still need to finish those and September's now. I guess I better get back to work!

Thanks for stopping by! :D