Sunday, November 6, 2016

NaNoWriMo 2016: Day 6 - Um, Quick, look over there!

I've started three different versions of this post and deleted them all. I don't know what I want to say here today. I'm suffering from what I'm gonna call Day6/7 Blues because, this is exactly the way I felt last year. Like why am I doing this crazy thing? Why am I trying to write so much everyday, especially when I fall behind, and post a blog everyday, and live a regular life (if my regular life can be called regular)?

This is what I said last year about why:

But I want to post it. I want to share the rough draftiness of the experience, the process of it all. NaNoWriMo is this absolutely crazy and creative time when anything can happen. To make your word counts, to keep the plot going, even if you have something planned out, when your motivation lags or your own story is boring you, you have to inject something off the wall or startling. It forces you to make creative decision that you might never have made before. Even if it doesn't end up in a final draft, you've stretched yourself, tested your limits, and maybe it took you, your characters, or your writing to a place you never thought it would go.

And that is still all true with an added caveat: I also want to post every day of NaNo this year instead of skipping the hard days the way I did last year. But I'm a pantser in everything, so this plan didn't come with much of a plan. I have no back-up 'chute for the hard days like today.  Sooooo . . . um . . um . . . Have a preview of the posts that start on Tuesday!


An excerpt from Write What You Know, including excerpts from the fictional 5th NRaged series book by Christie Fields

---If misery loved company then what were Bronx and Nikki? They hated each other. He hated her because she usually left him bruised and penniless when the fuel left their fire. She hated him because she hated everyone. Everyone except Danny and he was never coming back. So why did she keep thinking of him?---

Because you force me too.

You make it sound bad, to love someone and to miss that love when they are gone. It’s good they say, to have loved and lost.

How many of those fuckers have actually done that?

I think all of them.

You’re a real bastard, you know.

Christie paused for a moment. The cursor flashed on her screen like an angry god that fed on letters and was constantly hungry for more sacrifice. She could be a worse than a bastard if that’s what Nikki wanted.

---Despite the pangs of loss and tears in her eyes, she was forgetting the color of his eyes, the scent of skin, the sound of his voice. It had been too long without him and too soon to be forgetting. That’s what hurt the most. She shoved another cigarette between her black painted lips and lit the tip like lighting a fuse. She needed something stronger and she better have by the end of that fuse.---

God damn you, Christie. That was cruel. 

Yeah, well, fuck you, Nikki. You’re the company and misery loves you.

Nikki laughed. My God, you’re a shitty writer.

Don’t I know it. I wrote you didn’t I?

Nikki didn’t respond. She was gone entirely.

Christie laughed alone and wiped tears from hers simultaneously.


---Finally satisfied, Nikki pulled a cigarette from his pack. She lit up and puffed deep. The bitter cheap smoke scorched her tongue and throat.
She loudly hacked up spit and mucus and spat on the floor disgusted. She rubbed the cig on his cold dead back.
“Fucking cheapskate.”
Now she had to go out and buy her a pack of her own. She should have known it wouldn’t have lasted long anyway. Bronx had never been one to satisfy her on his own. Never then and now, never again.
“So long, prick.”---

She stopped typing not so much because she was finished as because her eyes closed and her hands stopped moving. She had enough command left to curl her knees up before she was fast asleep.

As a final note, I'd just like to say thank you so much to all the people who read these and all the active writers on Twitter and Instagram and on the NANoWriMo forums and everywhere else where you are active and maybe I'm not. The community that comes alive every November to scale this crazy mountain is one of my biggest reasons for trying every year. It's so much fun going through this with everyone and I can't wait to see what the rest of the month brings us!

Thanks for all you do!