Monday, November 7, 2016

NaNoWriMo 2016: Day 7 - The Final Frontier

I'm a trekkie. There, I said it. I love Star Trek, as many iterations as I can watch over and over again. I suddenly got an urge to binge on Star Trek: Deep Space 9, though The Next Generation is my favorite, and I love visiting  my fictional friends stationed on that malfunction outpost in far away Bajoran space.

Each series, and movie franchise, has it's own missions, quirks (quarks, Quark?), and tones. One of the key aspects of all the Star Trek series is The United Federation of Planets and it's ever constant over riding desire to explore the entire universe in search new species and planets. Curiosity and exploration is the thread that strings all the series and movies together.

I've always found this peculiar and interesting as I normally wouldn't describe myself as curious in the slightest and the degree to which curiosity drives the shows, especially TNG, borders on clinically insane. I mean, can they ever pass any anomaly or slight unexpected reading with out launching a probe at it or scanning it and immediately pissing of some new life, or old defense system? Do you know how much trouble they could avoid if they were only vaguely interested or mildly curious? Maybe look out the window at it or take a picture instead of sending those doomed red shirt away teams? Then again where would be the plot in that?

Anyway, recently I was explaining that when I see people in stores or strangers on the streets, I can't help but wonder what they are thinking, what stories lead them to this today. What do they think my story is? Would they be able to guess where I've been just by looking or better yet would they imagine something wholly more interesting? Then it struck me like a brick. Like a big giant astronaut-y brick.

Like seriously, how did I not connect this before?
Even if it doesn't take a scientific study to examine it or confirm conclusions, those questions are a type of curiosity. And that curiosity leads to further explorations.

We're all explorers aren't we? Not just diving into the undiscovered country of our new nano novels, but into the human mind, into it's range of emotions, into whole lives of experiences.  We, as writers, like the Federation, are explorers too.

That's what this NaNoWriMo thing  is really about, isn't it? Discovering these stories within us, creating these characters from our inner explorations, and then coming back and sharing our findings with others.

That's what it feels like to me. I recently discovered some secrets about my MC that I wasn't expecting to find. I found a misogynistic, judgmental cop when I went looking for a hero. Each time I sit down to write, I travel deeper into dark, mysterious wrinkles in my brain and I send missives out to the home world, compile them into novel forms.

This past I've been straddling the chasm between the home world and the far off galaxy of my imagination. But the deeper I get into this novel, the harder it has been to come up with these non-fiction posts trying to nudge us gently throw the asteroid belt of week one.  And this is where I leave you, my friends. One the other side but not all the way through yet. Beginning tomorrow I will dive fully into that cimmerian wrinkle in brain where the rest of this novel lives, and I'll only be posting fiction first draft excerpts from my NaNoWriMo novel Write What You Know.

It's pretty scary but also exciting, like all new adventures. I hope your novel is going well. If not, or if you haven't started yet, remember you can embark when ever you wish and change course as freely as you like. Welcome aboard the 2016 NaNoWriMo ship, never give up, never surrender, and boldly go wherever you please.