Wednesday, January 31, 2018

The Only Plan is No Plan

In my last post, I mentioned all my planned changes for my blog, including a more regular update schedule, then I promptly abandoned said schedule. It's not the first time this has happened. In fact, it's almost a gaurneteed that as soon as I set a scheulde or routine for myself, I fail to meet my own deadlines.

Truthfully, I've never enjoyed schedules or deadlines. In college I turned procrastination into an art form, often writing my papers only hours before it was due. I took a sort of odd pride and pleasure in this skill, even though I knew I wasn't writing the best papers this way. This practice continues to this day in the form of NaNoWriMo, where I regularly miss the daily goals only to make big word count leaps in the last week of writing.

I don't know what it is exactly but it's like there's a toddler in brain that's activated the second I set a date for something. This toddler's sole job is to kick his feet and shout "No, No, NO!" whenever I think I'm going to do something.

I've always thought this was some form of self-sabotage stemming from my anxiety and all I needed was more self-discipline and a stronger will to stick to my schedule and acheive my goals. Like I just had to be stricker with myself, a more stern task master and all my problems would be solved forever.

News flash: This is not a very effective way to get things done.

I tried planners. Oh so many ways to plan. And in my two journey through the world of planning I've learned that my ability to buy paper, washi, and stickers knows no bounds, and that so much of life, on both big and small scales, are completely out of my control. Instead of becoming more productive, focused, and happy, I actually felt more out of control, anxious, unproductive, and unhappy.

I don't know. Maybe it works for other people but all it means for me is I berate myself at four times my normal rate and thusly spend eight times my normal rate sad, mopey, and in bed.

But it didn't stop me from trying yet again in 2018. The first week of my planner is scheduled down to the minute. The second week is a little more lax. The third week is even more lax. By the fourth week, I was absolutely worn out by the ever-present feeling of failure that it's only half finished. All the hopeful buzz generated around the new for 2018 crashed and burned by the end of January.

So as I was staring down another Monday a few days ago, another start of new week, I needed to find a some sort of solution I hadn't already tried. Some way to be productive without being a slave to schedule or routine because even when I set my own, I can't help but revolt. However, it turns out there isn't much internet advice for this style of getting things done.

I found several articles about living without a watch. A few about turning down meetings and scheduling blocks of time for "flow work". And some things about scheduling extremely hectic lifestyles. None of it was super helpful but it got me thinking.

Why are we so focused on schedules, routines, and time? Is that really necessary in order to be productive, complete projects, and accomplish goals?

I don't think it is.

Therefore, for the next month, I will be living life with no set schedule or routine. Every day I will wake up and just do things. Whatever things need to get done, whenever I feel like doing them. The only plan is no plan.

So far, this has actually been pretty damn productive. I feel more energised and less stressed than I have in months, maybe in the whole past year, after only two days. I'm really hoping this momentum keeps going and brings only positive discoveries and adventure for February 2018.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Some Changes 'Round Here

With all the resolutions and goal orientation that comes with January, it should be no big surprise that I will be making some changes 'round the good ol' blog for the next few weeks.

The first of these changes, which you may have already noticed, is more regular posts. Currently, my schedule is every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. But it is not only the regularity that's changing, it is also the content. I'm hoping to bring you guys book reviews, more new fiction, writing tips, and continuing tales of adventure, anxiety, and goals.

Additionally, I'll be making adjustments to links, pages, and other additional content, hoping to make the blog easier to navigate, especially for long fiction series.

Finally, I'm hoping to spice things up visually with more pictures and maybe some design changes overall.

Although 2018 is still and young and I'm unsure of so much, I'm very excited for everything I'm planning for this blog and so many projects.