Monday, March 14, 2016

Announcement: A Slight Change in Format

Don't worry, the blog isn't changing too much, only a little.

For one thing, you may have noticed a few new ads on the blog. I thought I would just give monetizing a try and see how it goes. Hopefully they are are not too annoying or overbearing because I hate pages full of ads and slight on content and I certainly don't want to become one.

Second, I've decided to do away with an vague ideas of series, specifically Art Fart Fridays, though I will still be featuring my art work in blog posts and pictures. This is for two reason: firstly, I couldn't stand the fart reference anymore. Even though I had a good reason, like I don't feel like a fine artist or even a 'real' artist for that matter and the title "Art Fart" separated myself a little bit from feeling like an imposter. Also, I loved the alliteration of 'fart' and Friday'. But seriously, I hate toilet humor, and I hated contributing to it's continuance in even the slightest way for even a brief period of time. So, that title is over but my art will go on. (hahahhhahahahaha!)

Finally, I'm probably not going to be posting any more personal tidbits or world view type things. Not that I've had a lot of those posts ever, but especially in a long time. I'm just enjoying the art and fiction posts too much. Plus, whenever I sit down to write a non-fiction post/essay sort of thing, the thought seems to peter out after the first paragraph and I really start to feel like I have nothing to say. But I know I have something to say, I just say it through art and fiction rather than non-fiction articles/blog posts. It's why I'm a fiction writer and not a journalist or magazine writer. I'm just different.

So, my content won't be less or really any different than it has been, I guess. This is just a definitive declaration, a sort of mission statement, or, really, giving myself permission to change the way I think about my blog.

All that being said, more fiction and more art coming soon! In the meantime...