Saturday, November 5, 2016

NaNoWriMo 2016: Day 5 - Have No Fear

I've been posting a lot this week, giving a lot of advice, and if you've been creeping on NaNoWriMo stats, you would have noticed that I haven't met any word count goals yet. Like not even a little bit.

You should have seen them this morning because. . . they were worse
And you might wonder where I get off giving out so advice. Hell, even I wonder that and a whole lot more. Where do I get off thinking any one cares? Where do I get off spending time even writing these much less an entire novel in the first place? What about all those other novels, unfinished or unrevised?

Everyone has these thoughts. Or at least, I've heard they do. Imposter syndrome. Self-doubt. Crippling fear.

But a big part of our mission this month is to overcome these fears. We can be all be writers and that includes me. It also includes writing these posts in addition to my novel. And while my novel writing is going slower than I would like, which I'm pretty sure is a line I lifted from my own manuscript, I am taking my own advice.

Drinking water while waiting for my espresso to brew. Also, writing.

Taking a break with the autumn leaves.
Making up rewards

And I'm just about to pick up my books again for some exercises to make those numbers build up faster. Seriously, I want that pumpkin bread. Also, the nap.

Anyway, don't let fear stop you. I am not confident. I am not keeping up. But if I can keep plugging away, so can you. You can write some words today. You can write more tomorrow. You can write a novel this month or anytime. Let's look at my stats again.

Look at it.

Do you see that second to last line in the blue box? The one that reads "At This Rate You Will Finish On"? It doesn't say never. It says February 20, 2017. I can write 450 words a day and finish this novel in a few months.  I can write less than that and finish in a year. Writing everyday is all it takes.

Horrorphile numbers

These are my stats from last year. Do you notice how my column only meets the graph line on like Day 10 and Day 30? I didn't meet my targets everyday, but I worked steadily and made huge leap to finish. In my Pre-NaNoWriMo post, I mentioned that I have already finished 2 of my 8 nano novels outside of NANoWriMo. If it comes down to it, I will finish this one later too.

Take a look at your own stats. Better yet ignore them entirely. Just know that as long as you are typing you will finish. Have no fear of that. Keep writing.

Until tomorrow -