Saturday, August 12, 2017

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 I love horror. The end. I honestly don't know what to say about that. I always have, I always will. I don't know why. It's dark, slimy, creepy, and scary but it's always calling my name and I can't ignore. Beneath the fairies and unicorns, pink lipstick and high heels, flowers and perfumes, lurks a deep appreciation for blood, guts, screams, and demons.

Horror. Horror. Horror.

Over the past few years, however, I've often felt that the genre, in all mediums, is not alive as it once was. That it was harder and harder to find something I hadn't seen or read already. Which is crazy in this heyday of independent, self-publishing, blogs, forums, and multiple platforms for stories and video sharing platforms. Not to mention that this is the day and age of content curation and on-demand streaming services I should able to dive deep into horror anything and never have to come up for air.

I used to find horror books to read at bookstores and libraries, while I found the movies at Blockbuster or from friends. <Did I just age myself? Because I feel old now> 

Unfortunately, my town only had one bookstore now, in the mall, and they lost their coffee in store coffee shop. Going to the bookstore used to be fun, pretty cheap Friday or Saturday night. Now I use that time to lament the loss of bookstores in a town of just outside a major metropolitan area. On top of that, the old Blockbuster is a mattress store finally <<This literally has only changed in the last few year, I think we had the last standing Blockbuster in America>>

 For a short time FearNet filled a gap, but then it disappeared. Chiller is trying but it is not as good as FearNet was.

Once all those avenues dried up I sort of gave up trying and just watched whatever was on Netflix, which was overall .... lacking.

However, I found that I was wrong, I just wasn't looking hard enough in the right places. In reality, horror is just as strong as ever. Thanks to three different subscription services, I'm never more than click away from my favorite genre.

Turn on the Dark

From Chilling Tales for Dark Nights

I've been a subscriber to Chilling Tales since I first learned of them, which happened to be when they turned one of my short stories into a video.  Chilling Tales has multiple platforms, series, voice actors, and fantastic production value.  The stories are genuinely creepy and updated regularly. I absolutely love the podcasts because they have an old timey radio show feel and I have a thing for old timey radio shows.

The podcast and YouTube channel are free but they do have exclusive stories and products for subscribers. They have a variety of plans from $1 and up. You can subscribe on their page directly or through their recently launched Patreon page.

Screams On Demand

From Shudder
I discovered Shudder last Halloween when I was trying to track down a whole bunch of horror movies I hadn't seen yet.

They have a huge selection of movies, shorts, and tv shorts from all across the world you can stream into your living room. Their catalog can be browsed entirely or through curated collections like Animal Planet, Socko Spoofs, and Zombie Jamboree. I highly suggest Murder Party, Monster Brawl, Frankenstein's Army, Deathgasm, Shutter, and I could go on and on.

There's an app, the service is available on Roku, it used to be an add-on service to Amazon Prime Video (I do not know if it still is), and there is the stand alone website. In the U.S., the monthly price is $4.99 or pay a year in advance for $47.88.

Full disclosure: Sometimes the streaming can be slightly glitchy but not that bad and not that often. Also, it's one of the few streaming/digital content services available in both the U.S. and the U.K., a big plus when you travel often between the two countries like I do.

The Nocturnal Reader's Box

I discovered The Nocturnal's Reader Box on Instagram a month ago and subscribed as soon as I possibly could. Imagine horror fiction sent right to your door every month, as well as some pretty awesome horror related exclusive products. Count me in and instantly in love.

The Infected & Infested August Theme box (my first)

Finished: Mapping the Interior.  Signed copy of The Grip of It.
Patient Zero lapel pin.
The Woman who Never Killed bugs, print by Ally Burke  
I love, love, LOVE this box. I received mine earlier this week and I've already finished reading one of the books, the lapel pin is in my collection, the art print is on my wall (plus I've ordered other art from the artist), and everyone is jealous of my mug (which can be got nowhere else).

The only parts I'm not in love with is the hat and the bath bomb but that's likely to happen with in subscription box, not loving all the items. On the other hand, my dad, a fan of The Stand, was really excited about getting the Captain Trip's baseball cap I didn't want, so I got to make my dad happy (yay!). I haven't found a new home for the bath bomb. It's a shame that I like the smell but I don't take baths, I take showers. Baths....gross me out. 

In related news, I'm not letting the mug out of my sight.

I (and everyone else) love this mug!

The box is a great value at $35 + shipping and I'm already excited for the next one. Unfortunately, after the next box, which has a monster theme, the company is doing away with the themes, it's not a big deal but I really love themes, so I kind of liked that feature about the service. But otherwise, I cannot stop talking about this box.

If you're interested in learning more about the products in an unboxing video, leave a comment below.  I recorded one but I'm not sure I'm a ...skilled... presenter. It's definitely shorter than my scrapbook haul video but pretty much the same fumbling.

Until next time, Thanks for Stopping by and . . .